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3 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2021

It’s a more rapidly changing world than most of us have been used to. If you are feeling any low-level, on-going fear or nervousness, you are not alone. It’s going to take building our character muscles in several key ways to regain our footing as the world responds to recent changes and events.

These are the 3 skills I believe can make the difference between shirking away from Change and stepping in, and stepping through to embrace and use the Changes for our good.

  1. Master the Pivot
    To pivot means to shift or change quickly, sometimes in the opposite direction, but not always. A pivot can be in smaller increments, as well. Responding to a changing world requires a change in who you are being and what you are doing. Responding quickly requires the ability to engage heightened awareness, the ability to pivot to adapt to new circumstances.

  2. Become an expert at Flexibility
    Flexibility is the ability to be strong and move quickly in a way that doesn’t “break you”. Who survives the strongest wind, the rigid Oak or the flexible Willow? We are all feeling stress from the “strong winds” of our current world circumstances. Now, more than ever, being rigid isn’t useful. It’s those who practice flexibility who are able to more easily adapt and evolve.

  3. Practice Courage on a regular basis
    The opposite of Fear isn’t the absence of fear. No, the opposite of Fear is courage; courage despite fear, courage under pressure. Combined with flexibility and the ability to pivot quickly, new confidence in the face of adversity and change is assured.

Well, that’s all well and good. But how do you nurture courage, flexibility and the ability to pivot? Here are 3 quick tips to play with:

Start small and learn how the process works for you. Could you plan to be brave? By that, I mean, could you plan ahead of time to be brave enough to stand up and leave an unhelpful situation earlier (holidays always provide plenty of scenarios to practice), despite feeling you “should be able to tough it out”. That’s courage!

Could you play the “backup game”. Think of 3 different ways you could get somewhere if the traffic was bad. Practice flexing your mind to think of backup and alternative plans. Practice builds the mental muscle and engages new patterns of being and doing.

Seek out new experiences. Read, listen or watch information you might be interested in but might not, out of habit, invest your time. What happens? Any surprises? (let me know in the comments).

Try a new hobby, skill, or pastime. Notice the thoughts that arise; especially, if your thoughts are trying to tell you “this isn’t who I am”. How do you know? Maybe inside is someone who’s never been allowed out to play (remember…flexibility).

Have fun trying on different perspectives. Could you just consider, for a few moments, someone else’s perspective? Could you look deeper to what is going on with that person that would create those specific perspectives? This is a bit more advanced. I suggest you play with this gently and sparingly at first. Find support if you find yourself reacting or triggered instead of curious. Let someone you trust help you process your experience.

Get moving! When we move, especially in ways that “cross the mid-line” (bouncing from right to left hand, right hand to left side of the body, left hand to right side of the body) we create flexibility in the body and the brain. Every client of mine receives a special ball to bounce in specific ways designed to create flexibility and ease their changes.

These are very simple, easy ways to begin nurturing flexibility, the ability to pivot and even courage. What are other ways you have discovered? Please share them here in the comment below.

And if you are a highly sensitive, maybe highly emotional woman, who is struggling to stay in action because of feelings of fear, doubt, worry or guilt, please do check out my Living Fearlessly VIP Mastermind 2021. Only 6 spots available Doors close December 15, midnight. See details here. Schedule a time to speak with me here.

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