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3 Ways to Quench the Fire of Fear About the Current Business Climate

Every day last week, I had 2-3 clients ask me what I thought was going to happen in the market!

I am not an economist, a real estate expert, or a fortune teller, but I can tell you this; that wasn’t their real question. Their real question wasn’t even “do you think the market will get better” or “can you tell me how to survive this slowdown my business (seems) to be in”?

What they were really wanting to ask, by asking about the market, was “how can I know I’m going to be OK”?

Does this ring any bells for you?

I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t see the future. But I am happy to share a few things I know from guiding people through the last few years and through the last two major market and economic roller coaster falls.

So for those of you who:

  • might be thinking that business is slower than usual
  • notice your industry/market is changing and you aren’t sure how you should adjust
  • are feeling triggered by what others are saying about the current state of business…

…I’d like to offer 3 tips to get you out of the “spinning of fear” and into productive action that can make a difference and help you weather “the weather”. 

1. Have a Backup Plan

Instead of worrying (as if that helps in any way) which only draws the things you worry about to you, face what you most fear head-on.

Like a hiker who packs a snake bite and first aid kit, get prepared for the worst, so you can enjoy the adventure the most, with confidence!

Set a space to do this work. Set an intention to guide you. And set down on paper a backup plan and deadlines to guide you. If that means you run your numbers so you know when/if you had to fall back on a bit of “side hustle” work, then that’s what it means. If it means, thinking about how long you could wait before renting out a room to someone, then that’s what it means. What could you do to squeeze a bit more out of what you have, or arrange another source of income temporarily?

This is not attracting the “negative”, this is just being smart. And this doesn’t mean anything about you. You haven’t done anything wrong. This is just the current climate to which we are all adjusting.

When you’re done, put your backup plan away (just like the first aid kit) and freshen up your Vision Board, Full Body Visualizations, and Attracting Audios. Lean into the projections of how you want life to be, with a willingness to do what it takes today.

The usual additional suggestions apply. If you are unable to “hold a higher energy” alone, get help and support from someone who can; someone who can see your highest good and help you “go for it”. Make sure it’s someone who supports your inner guidance and knowing, not someone who wants to just tell you what to do.

2. Improve, Inside and Out

What if this “extra space” (slow down) is a gift to get to all that inner growth and business systems you always said you wish you had time for?

This is a great time to bust old beliefs, give your body, heart and mind some “me time” with lots of self-care (no matter your gender), and practice new resources to help you sharpen your ax and soar!

It’s also a great time to declutter or reconnect with past clients in your database, research and implement new automation that enhances your client’s experience and frees you up, or finally study materials like Profit First (Mike Michalowicz and/or Susanne Mariga) to begin taking the steps toward a consistent business income.

3. Focus on What You Want, Not on What You Don’t Want

I know it seems obvious, but if you have gone about practicing this you’ll know it’s easier said than done.

It takes awareness, practice, and learning what works and what doesn’t (for you). Tools really help.

Consciously notice where money is, where business is, and where clients are. Stop listening and looking to where others around you are focusing. Choose your focus and practice noticing what you want to notice.

Do these 3 things and you’ll feel better, have more business and bring in more money. You can’t not!


I know when things don’t seem to be what we want, our temptation is to do, do, do. I hope I’ve been able to inspire you to be thoughtful about your doing and see this time as a possible gift to move forward in deliberate ways that are a solid “vote” for your business’ health and well-being.

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Photo credit: Marcus Woodbridge on Unsplash

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