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Is What You’re Doing Negatively Impacting Your Results?

“Watch which thoughts you feed.
If you think lack and limitation but pray for peace and prosperity,
you are like a farmer who plants strawberries but prays for tomatoes.”
Joe Vitale

Is What You’re Doing Negatively Impacting Your Results?

If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or confused you may be doing too much!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily advocating doing less or doing something different. Rather, I recommend pausing, and taking a breath. Then step back and look to see if what you’re doing is effective. Is it action that will aid your goals? Or is it busy work, actually keeping you from actions that are supportive of your goals?

It’s easy to happen. We haven’t been taught how to prepare or learn from the actions we take. We simply get busy.

Our culture applauds the busy. We give our attention to those suffer. We think we have to work harder; to push, to grind. We elevate those who struggle to attain.

But what if we could achieve what we desire without all the hardship? I hear people say they want a life of ease. But what will create that life?

Here are three mistakes I see people make on the road to getting things done and taking action. (Read on, I have the solutions to these mistakes below).

Lights On, No One’s Home

From the moment we’re born we’re directed and pushed to be and do more. We become so conditioned to being driven we can lose track of who we are, what we truly want, and how to follow our own guidance to get it done.

We begin to do stuff without really being involved, without being present to what we do and why we do it. I call this “empty doing” and I’ve noticed it just isn’t that effective in the longer run.

It does give most of us a “quick fix”, a feeling we’re accomplishing something. But that’s often followed by feelings of doubt, frustration and even depression about our goals.

These feelings that don’t feel so good, can often cause us to further withdraw from our actions. This is how a downward cycle can get going.

Harder, Faster, Stronger, Longer

If what we’re doing now doesn’t give us what we want, instead of changing what we’re doing, we often just try to do the same thing more or harder.

Again, we do this so we get that “quick fix” feeling that we’re accomplishing. But you know the adage: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Well doing the same thing over and over harder, faster or longer probably won’t get you different results either.

What we’re seeking to avoid when we do the same thing harder, are the actions that are new thus uncomfortable. New actions can stir up hidden (and not so hidden) fears, old belief systems, even complex wounds from the past.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Action without preparation or means to assess the results is like firing every which way. There’s no aim, no accuracy. Any wonder the target remains unaffected?

Yes, there’s a danger of endless preparation. That’s why we’re often urged to just “go get busy”!

But the ideal is to prepare appropriately, and analyze your results. This allows adjustments that increase efficiency and effectiveness.

I’ve found the most effective preparation includes not only plans and resources, but also inner work. When we make an investment in clearing what stands in our way, then we supercharge our efforts. This may look like time/energy/money spent clearing inner blocks, healing past woundings, or resolving old patterns and beliefs.

Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls and Super Charge Your Actions


Spend only as much time on planning as is necessary to get into action. But do spend some time preparing, gathering resources, and planning your course of action.

And excellent standard is still “The One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard; proving this step doesn’t have to take a lot of time.


Whether on your own, or with a coach, consultant or expert, take time to asses the effectiveness of your actions and make adjustments. This step could be called “Aim”.

Take a page from high action organizations and use this skill in your own business to keep moving your actions in the direction of “hitting the mark”.


We are a tangled mix of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, attitudes, values, priorities…you name it! When one part of us refuses to “get with the program” it creates drag, Resistance; often self-sabotage.

I’ve notice that this act, investing in aligning our “being” with our “doing”; makes the single most significant difference in results. I’ve seen that in my own life. I’ve seen that in the life of my clients.

You don’t have to do more. You probably don’t have to do as much as you’re doing. The simple act of alignment will make your actions count more.

I’ve notice that for every hour or dollar spent getting into an alignment between who we are and who we want to be, with the actions we take, the payoff is more than tenfold.

Take Action With Awareness

Do not wait to take action. Get in action. Stay in action. But there is no need to wear yourself out. There’s a better way.

A surfer rides the waves and incorporates all the suggestions I’ve offered here, in the moment. The surfer enjoys the ride.
You can do the same in your life, whether at work or at home. Just begin. And if you need help or support, I have something for that.

There’s no need to struggle with this work alone. And I’m making it easier than ever this week with a Freedom Special. Check it out. But don’t wait, this 4th of July weekend only!

I want to support you in action, moving powerfully, easily, effectively.

When we get clear on who we want to be and become, then apply that to our actions, we become more powerful, more effective, and enjoy the journey! This is the way we can have it all.
Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach

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