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The Dirty Little Secret About The Change Process

How often have you heard yourself wishing you could just make a change? 

Perhaps you want more money, more clients, more time traveling?

And yet, more often than not, you feel like you’re stuck in a box; two steps forward, three steps back. Aurgh!

Can we be honest with one another?

When you hear someone offer that next big somethin’, that magic bullet that will get you what you want fast, don’t you feel the tug of desire for it? OK, sure and an equal amount of mistrust, you’ve been convinced before and it didn’t work out. But oh, you still want it don’t you? You want that something and you want to have it delivered faster than ever!

Sure! We’re creative beings who want to grow and express; who want to excel and succeed. And of course we’d rather have it sooner than later. (In fact, you might have experienced that voice that says it’s isn’t happening soon enough, or that you’re running out of time…)

But there’s a dirty little secret that is held back by those promising big, fast change…

..and it has to do with the change process itself.

This too, is something that is inherent in being human. We like our boxes. And we don’t like them as well. And that’s where it can get kind of crazy.

We want the change and we want it fast. But we don’t like the discomfort of the something new, something different. In fact we don’t like it so much that we most often resist, sabotage and court drama that will drive us back from where we came; just so we can feel the familiarity of the old box again.

But you just can’t get what you want without changing who you are and the current box you live in at this moment. If you want something, you must become the person who can have it. And you must leave your current box behind.

And that’s where the secret causes trouble. Because change causes discomfort. You can’t get what you want without change. And it often seems that the faster we want the change the more discomfort may, at least temporarily, come up.

So when people tell me they want it fast, I always ask, “do you really? And what are you willing to be and do when the discomfort arises”? (And then we begin to create a plan to handle the discomfort, of course).

My clients who have been with me for awhile know that when they begin to tell what’s coming up that’s got them uncomfortable, I’m right there with them, confident that their change is unfolding and that they will get through the discomfort phase.

So what does it take to get out of the box?

This is exactly what I explore with my clients in my Manifestation Mapping process and my 6-Month Manifesting Intensive Masterminds.

Briefly; each person must create their own personal formula. But basic pieces include clarity about what is desired, alignment with who you are being, understanding of what your true desire is (represented by the goal), and actions, not only more you in the direction of your manifestation, but those that allow you to live in the energy of that which you desire.

When those pieces are engaged together, and you throw in a health dose of focus on the progress made, you become a powerful magnet for the physical manifestation of what you want.

And what does it take to stay out of the box and reap the rewards of our changes?

I often tell my clients that manifesting is easy. It’s the having that is the challenge and the keeping that often trips us up the most. It takes awhile for the changes to settle and become their own new box that feels comfortable.

Of course by then…you guessed it, you may be lusting after something new already. And have you noticed that inner critic part (some people call it the drunk monkey, monkey mind, ego) that tries to convince you that it’s been forever since you made any positive change (but that’s a topic for another time…)

So what helps you keep your change, your new manifestation? Again, it can be different for different people, but it seems to always include some sort of support. I’ll bet if you think of the last time you made a big change successfully, you can think of someone or something that really helped support you through that change.

So what is it you’re wanting to change now?

What do you want to change? How big is the change? What would you be willing to set in place; what resources, support, assistance that could help you make the change, and keep the change?

Food for thought for this week; who is your support? What actions, processes, habits, thoughts, resources are “go to” supports for you in times of change? Being awake to this question, having the answer in place before launching a big change can make the difference in enjoying the having and keeping the changes you want!

I’d love to hear your experience with change, what has supported you, in the comments below.

Want to take a baby step in the direction of a personal change? Make an appointment for my Manifest At Light Speed Diagnostic.

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