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What Is This Thing, BALANCE, We All Strive For?

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.24.46 AMI would say that 70% of all clients and perspective client list a desire to experience “balance” in their life as 1 of the top 3 “things” they want to manifest.

For me, this is a signpost on our journey together that signal “listen up” to find out what that individual person really means when they say “balance”.

Most talk, as if “balance” was no more arbitrary than “blue”, but it has been my experience that “balance” means very different things from person to person. So what does it mean to you?

Balance in the way most people think of it, does not exist.

Activating our power to choose anew and design our life more to our liking, that’s simple, it’s a call to activate awareness, clarity, vision, and intention.

You might be tempted to simply drop things here, but I encourage you to take the 30 seconds or so to use your good mind and give it some thought.

Because for some “balance” means something closer to “equal”; equal time or energy spent in main areas of your life like business, family, service. But to others balance means something more akin to “freedom”; escape from obligation to be one place more than another or committed to one activity more than another.

And for others still, “balance” may mean something closer to “peace” or “ease”.

Until I really understand what a person means when they tell me they want to manifest “life balance” I can’t really help them create an effective plan to redesign and manifest what they want.

And neither can you. Manifesting what you want, begins with Clarity. So if you’ve heard yourself lately wishing for “balance” for whatever reason, take a beat and determine what “balance” means to you; what would it “look like”, “feel like”, “sound like”? What would be added (maybe resources)? What would be replaced (maybe drama)?

How to use your desire for balance

Here’s a super fun, quick exercise to play with. Use a big piece of paper, or a white board with several colors of marker.

Begin to draw circles with label inside (work, home, children, school, family, date night, learning Spanish, pets, sports, volunteer, parents care, etc). Take a look at the circles and begin to adjust the size of the circle to match the amount of time they take up now.

Step back, take a look at what you got goin’ on….

Good news! You can redesign this collection. Turn the page over, erase the board, and start again, making those circles the size and relation you want.

One of the things I’ve done in the past is used the old math idea of “intersecting sets” to draw my circles and see where I could best leverage my time/energy.

List your insights in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you learned about yourself and your life. If you get stuck and want some help, contact me for an Individual Discover Session.

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