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What To Do When You Doubt The Law Of Attraction

“I just want to prove to myself that this ‘manifestation stuff’ works.”

This week I had a client who started our session together with this statement, “Have you ever felt like that? Like you just wanted someone to tell you it would all work out?”

What do you think my response was?

Well, I asked my client, let’s call her Sally, “what would it take, specifically, for you to prove this to yourself?”

Sally said, “I don’t know. I’ve had experiences that seemed like they were working but right now I’m feeling scared and worried. I really need something to happen for me and I want to believe it’s going to work”.

As we continued our coaching conversation, Sally revealed that something had happened the day before. Someone had sent something to her that had really rattled her. She couldn’t get it out of her mind. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. It brought up other memories from the past; past relationships, past business partnerships, past jobs and situations.

Sally was also worried about money. For the past week, lots of tiny “money things” had been cropping up with her mortgage, unexpected expenses, additional charges. None of them alone seemed insurmountable. But added one after the other, and with memories of the (imperfect) past popping up, Sally was starting to feel like nothing was working.

More that that, Sally’s thoughts and memories were triggering fear, anger, and regret. She was becoming less confident about the future and more negative about current events.

An Important Step On The Journey

This is the exact point where most people throw up their hands and declare, “This Law of Attraction stuff just doesn’t work”! Or they might say, “It works for other people but I must be doing it wrong”.

But here is what they don’t yet understand; when we choose to take a big step, to “uplevel”, powerful forces are set in motion. These forces not only begin to bring to us what we’ve chosen. They also begin to shake loose what gets in the way of having what we want!

Can you see how Sally’s memories were shaking loose old beliefs, unresolved hurts, tangled up emotions?

This is a blessing! I have experienced this for myself. I have come to recognize this for the blessing it is, for the opportunity to flush out everything that is unhelpful to our next step up.

So here’s what I did with Sally. Together, we looked at all the different areas that were making an appearance (to clear) lately. And I asked her what they had in common. Her answer? “I questioned my decisions at the time”.

The Power of Choice

You think Sally was at a crossroad now? Was she facing a decision to see her progress for what it was, or turn back to behaviors from the past?

You bet!

“I’m tired of coming back to a place where I’m afraid about money….

…but I’m seeing that it’s not the same this time.
The amounts are bigger.
But my skills are bigger too.
And my life is more than ever before.”


Check The Toolbox

Sally had tools before. Whenever the going got tough she got mad; either at herself or someone else. And it got her through the rough patch. But now she has more tools to choose from in her box.

Together we reviewed her new tools and chose those that could help her the most as she followed through on this next big step.

Here’s what she selected as her own personal “change strategy” for those times of uncertainty or discomfort. We tailored each of these to work best for her needs:

  • Guided meditation to release and resolve old memories, emotions, beliefs and conditioned fears.
  • Formula for getting good sleep even in the midst of the discomfort of uncertainty
  • Visualization for desired outcome
  • Support of weekly coaching
  • Gratitude journal to note her progress

“I know these things are coming up for me to clear them.
I know it’s going to work out for the best.
I know that every thing I need will come to me in the right time.”

And that’s how Sally finished our session. She uncovered an understanding that what looked “bad” or “negative” was actually great news. It was, in fact, news that what she wanted was manifesting in this moment.

By working with the process instead of turning away and undoing all her great manifestation work, she is now working with the Universe to bring her what she wants more quickly and easily.

And you can too! Here are a few tips.

Take stock. What are the “tools” (beliefs, attitudes, habits) of your past that no longer work for you?

What other resources do you have available that you can use today, right now? When you use these tools, under the stress of uncertainty (which is a normal part of the process of change), you own them. They are yours to use over and over again, at each new chosen stair step.

This “Manifestation Stuff” does work, when we keep working with it. Happy leveling up!

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