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Why Not Try An Unusual New Year’s Exercise?

This year has been anything but “business as usual”. Seems like our our yearly rituals could use an upgrade, as well. So here, I have included an easy, fun and fast process to focus your mind to orient yourself toward the coming year in a manner that will allow you to tap into your creative powers and allow yourself to have what you want, regardless of the worldview being advertised.

You may make this exercise as brief (back of a napkin) or deep (light a candle, beautiful music to accompany, essential oils in the diffuser, favorite beverage, comfiest clothes, a friend to share insights) as you like.

Step 1 — You may have already guessed the first step if you’ve joined me, live, recently. Grab a piece of paper and something to write/draw with. Dare to get a bit adventurous; glitter anyone? Go ahead, raid the “kids art drawer” for whatever supplies will help you feel good and have some fun! 

Step 2 — Fold your paper in half, and then in half the other way. You’ll now have 4 squares to play with. Use  your paper vertically or horizontally, as you like.

Step 3 — Choose which “square” to begin with; label it “Gratitude”. In this square write at least three things you are genuinely grateful for that you learned, experienced, acquired, released, created, were introduced to, or enjoyed. When we begin “in gratitude” it raises our vibration and allows us to take the process even deeper. Feel free to write many, many more people, experiences, and things you are grateful for.

Tip: Getting stuck?  Can’t find much to be grateful for in 2020? Are you safe where you are today/tonight? That is something to be grateful for. Do you love someone, are loved or cared about by someone, or are you capable of taking caring actions? Then that is certainly something to be grateful for. Do you have creative thoughts? Do you still have something you would like to do, have or be? Do you enjoy nature, children, pets, or social gatherings? All of these are things to be grateful for. In a world where Today always has the potential to be all we have, any human experience is cause for celebration!

Step 4 — move to the next “square” and label it “Mourn”. In this square you may give voice to the angers, sadnesses, and losses you may have experienced this year. Honoring the experiences that are not to our liking, but are part of our living is an important part of acknowledging our own limitations and then orienting ourselves toward the unlimited nature of our being.

If you need to speak aloud, do so. If you need to stand and move as you contemplate, feel free. If the tears come, this is good. Tears not only have a literal, chemical healing component to them that science has been unable to duplicate, but the process that creates the tear and facilitates it flowing from our eyes, is in itself, healing, as well. Lots of tears = lots of healing.

Step 5 — The next “square” label “Because I Can”. This is where you choose 1-3 things you choose today/tonight to give yourself permission to have (no matter what is going on in the larger world view). This could be travel, friendship, close connection/s, excitement about your daily work. Take a few moments — this is for you, and you alone.

What is something you have been “putting aside” because “other things came first”. Could you choose just 1 thing to hold in your head and heart as a priority and allow the Powers That Be to contrive with you to bring that thing in ways even better than you might have imagined?

Step 6 — Label your final “square” “Celebrate!” What is a way that always helps you feel like something is “locked in”, “set”, “a real win”? Write that down and give it to yourself today, as soon as is practically and safely possible. Celebrate “as if” your “because I can” item is a “done deal” and you are already celebrating.

High-five! Clink glasses! Touchdown dance! Humble, grateful head bow. Gentle, knowing smile. Warm feeling in the center of your heart. What connects you to “receiving”?

Step 7 — Let it all go! Surrender to the energy flow behind all things to bring you and your “because-I-can”-choice together in the perfect way and in the perfect timing. No stress, no strain.

What do you think? Isn’t this better that a new year’s resolution? I think it’s a lot more fun and I know it has an infinitely better potential to be realized. 

I’d love to hear from you throughout the year as your “because-I-can”-choices materialize in wonderful ways. Please do comment to share so I can celebrate with you!

2 thoughts on “Why Not Try An Unusual New Year’s Exercise?”

  1. Dear Deborah,
    This exercise generates so much excitement! I will be doing this, along with a friend, on a special evening of ritual. We can hardly wait. I can feel the energy moving already. What a lovely, flowing, happy exercise this is. Feeling so grateful for your creative mind and guidance into manifesting the good.
    Thank you and Bless you.
    I’ll write more later, after our celebration.
    With Love,

    1. I feel so happy to hear this, Gail. Please do swing back and let me know more about what rose out of your time with your friend and the exercise. I love that idea of doing it with someone. What a wonderful inspired action!

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