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4 Step Process To Manifest Anything You Want

There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right. And so —now — knowing all that you know from where you now stand, now what do you want? The answers are now coming forth to you. Go forth in joy, and get on with it.

I’ve found that manifesting works a little differently for each person. This can really trip people up because, wanting to create for themselves, they diligently study from someone who has created as they would like. But then it doesn’t work. If that sounds like you, it’s not your fault. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You just need to tweak the overall process to match “you”.

There are basic components that show up in all formulas. The formulas themselves may look a little different, and yours will too, because for a process to truly work, it needs to be tailored.

Some of those differences have to do with your past, or what needs to be healed, or what your learning strategy is, or any of over a dozen BEING aspects that are unique to you.

But if you’ve wished for a simplified roadmap to manifesting as you desire, here it is.

Step 1 Clarity

Know what you want.

What happens if you don’t know exactly what you want?

If you know there’s something you “don’t want”, then you can use it to look at the flip side. If you don’t want to be “overweight”, “alone”, “feeling down”…OK; great information! You can use the clarity of what you don’t want; draw it close, take a look at it and then find its opposite.

Ultimately, it’s the “what you want” that you want to be strengthening, not the “what you don’t want”. But it’s OK to use the “what you don’t want” to get to the clarity of “what you do want”.

Clarity is knowing “what you want” or flipping “what you don’t want” over, to get to what you do want. That’s the first step.

Check the alignment

At each step along the way it’s good to check in and make sure “what you want” is in alignment with “who you want to be”. When your being is in alignment with what you want, why you want it and the actions you take; you’ve hit gold!

Say I want a 5 million dollar home. But if I value living simply, feeling free, or I don’t quite believe I can have that house, or deserve it, or if it stresses me out to make the payments, my desire is not quite in alignment. Part of me wants it. And part of me resists having it because of other consequences I think or fear will follow.

Thus, alignment aids my first step, Clarity. And a lack of alignment undermines my Clarity.

Can you see how one person’s formula would never work exactly for another? Anything I want to manifest must come into alignment with who I am and who I want to be.

Step 2 Why

Why Do You Want It?

Most teachers jump straight to asking for what you want after you reach Clarity about what it is you want. But I’ve found there is another important step before we ask, something else you want to know…not the how..but the WHY!

Because until you know the why, you can’t really ask effectively, either.

If you go into a restaurant and say “I want some food”, you could get anything. But once you say I want fresh  fruit because I need my antioxidants and  I want HEALTH, you’ve conveyed your intention for HEALTH to the Universe. That really helps to bring you what you want and not just a bunch of miscellaneous results. And who knows? You might get something that would contribute to greater health that you weren’t even yet aware of!

Finding a deeper WHY

That’s a practical “why” (you want it). Sometimes it’s a practical “this is why you want it” and other times it’s an essential quality; some element that is deeper to what you want to experience.

Practically, a house can provide you with safety and security, but maybe you want a house for sanctuary, to be a gathering place for people you love, with whom you share a sense of belonging or connection; or maybe it represents Family. That quality, if that is “why you want it”, is going to be different for different people.

Owning a home could be freedom for one person and a chain for another. We need to get to the essential quality of why you want what you want?

It’s an alignment check again. Not only does “what you want” need to be in alignment with who you want to be and become (your values, priorities, etc) but your “why you want it” must be in alignment too. Wherever there’s a hidden misalignment, Resistance or derailment of the process surely follows.

Step 3 Ask

A better way to ask for what you want.

When there’s Clarity (and alignment), then you get to ASK.

I’d like to recommend a different way of asking. There’s nothing wrong with asking outright, as long as your request sums up the clarity of what you truly want and why you want it. Just like ordering off the menu and expecting it to be delivered; “I’ll have the Blueberry Pancakes, please”.

And asking can take place “internally” (prayer, meditation, visualization) or externally (goals, affirmations, etc).
But more often than not, we make the mistake of asking from “not willing to have“. We focus on the “I don’t have it” rather than the “thank you, I know it’s on its way”.

So ask as if you already have it, then say a deep and resonant “thank you” that it’s on its way. This will be easy if you have done your homework and aligned your “what you want” and your “why you want it” with your being and becoming, because in that process you’ll feel it even before it arrives.

Step 4 Take Action

Not all actions are the same

When you combine asking for what you want, with feelings of gratitude and “thank you”, what are you doing? You’re setting the stage for inspiration about actions that will keep you open to accepting your manifestation.

There are outer, active actions we take with our body. And there are inner, energetic actions we take with our mind and heart.
There are practical actions that move us in the direction of what we want, and inner, energetic actions that help us live in the vibration of “why we want” our manifestation.

When we follow our guidance and take small, doable, enjoyable actions that keep us vibrating “as if” our creation is already on its way, we begin to create momentum. We tap into our true power, the action we can take right now in this moment and we enjoy what we do.

A final note

When we have chosen the seed (clarity about what we want) prepared the ground (clarity about why we want it), planted the seed (asked for what we want), and nourished it (taking action) then usually what we see first, even before the plant we want fully sprouts, is the weeds.

Gentle but persistent weeding (releasing and resolving Resistance) is required so that our manifestation is not choked out by all the fears, doubts, old habits, old beliefs and patterns still needing to be released.

And that’s where an expert, and the proper kind of support can really help. I hope you’ll check out my Manifesting Elite Support Group and consider contacting me to see if this group might be a fit for your time, budget and plans.

Please do share in the comments below what you have learned about your own Manifestation Process. And have fun playing with these steps, experimenting and noticing your own special recipe for success!

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  1. I thought this was a helpful process. I find the most difficult part, is the asking as if it is already coming. However, it’s getting easier. Thanks, Deborah!

    1. I think that is the hardest part for most people, Cindy. Thank you for getting that part of the conversation going. I’d love to hear from people how they make that easier on themselves. How have you created more ease around that part; asking as if it is already on it’s way?

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