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How To Stop Grinding It Out And Getting Nowhere

There is a strong belief in the world that success is born only from hard work. But I’ll bet you can think of a half dozen people right now that work very hard and are not feeling like they’re getting anywhere? You might even know some very successful people who aren’t working hard at all, enjoying their life. So if success is independent of hard work, how can we escape the grind, and still experience the success?

For years I have been exploring exactly how success is created, with real estate agents and sales people. It’s been gratifying to watch as they, not only have grown their businesses, but also created an overall lifestyle that is more to their liking, and several observations have become clear.

Success is Born From the Original Discontent

This is what I’ve been able to see after working with people over time. The original “I don’t like this” is a great start to practice a confrontation of the situation that isn’t working and begin to create a new plan.

You Don’t Have to Know How

While this is true, you don’t have to know what to do next. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to know. Because you’ve embarked on a journey and are traveling a road you have never traveled before. So, of course, so much will be new; new thoughts, new feelings, new actions.

So you don’t need to know how to accomplish the new goal or situation, but you do need several things. You must be clear; you must know what you want and why you want it. Because until you do, you’re sending mixed signals, your focus is diluted and your actions may be futile.

You Must Be Aligned

If you want something but you have not aligned your vision or goal with who you are, with your being, then you won’t move forward smoothly. It’s like a machine that the gears don’t match up, there will be slips and slow-downs.

Your being is made up of many components; thoughts, feelings, values, habits, attitudes, beliefs, actions, priorities, roles, preferences…and many other attributes. If you value family, but believe you have to work hard to get ahead, you may experience a more challenging time because those two parts of your being are fighting against one another.

No Man Is An Island

The most successful people have a host of advocates, supporters and resources at their disposal to help them through the change process. 99% of the journey to reach a goal is on the road to the goal and not there yet. That 99% can get pretty challenging right around the 2/3 mark, I’ve noticed.

And its resources and support of experts and peers, who are on the same path, that make the difference between “success” and “setback”.

Here are my 3 tips for you to help get out of the grind and get where you want with less effort. And then some advice from one of my clients below.

1. Be Brave, Get Honest (with yourself), and Get Clear

You can always change your mind. Get as clear as you can about what you want. And if you need help, get it. Be on the lookout for new resources and support (coach, mentor, advisor, minister, counselor) who can help. One final tip; never abdicate your own inner authority. No one knows what is really right for you, but you. But a good guide can help speed the process. Look to see what feels right to you. You can always change your mind.

2. Notice What Life is Feeding Back

Use what you notice from what Life is feeding back to you to align and tweak your process. Don’t know what your process is to create and reach your goals? (see #1; get help, engage your resources).

Resist the urge to simply go back to what you’ve always done before, especially if that urge is to do more, work longer hours, effort more. Take it from a recovering work-aholic the grind does nothing longer term but wear you out and leave you vulnerable to health issues.

3. Master Allowing

Practice allowing others to help and support you. Practice allowing what you want to come without effort (I know it can be hard, change sometimes is a challenge). Practice allowing yourself to enjoy the journey; remember 99% of the way to where you want to be is not where you want to be (yet). Practice allowing yourself to feel odd, uncomfortable, even resisted in your efforts. That Inner Critic/Monkey Mind digs in deeper when we resist the Resistance that is just a natural part of any change process.
I’m going to allow my friend, colleague and client, Thach Nguyen who loves to work and loves to share how he has reached success as he inspires others along the way take us home with his own observations about the grind:

“I notice in sales there are two types of sales people. Most people have enough knowledge, information, tools to go out there and produce results or get business.

One category of sales people know what to do. But they can’t get themselves in that space to go do what they know needs to be done to get results, because they’re feeling insecure, uncertain, doubt, frustration, anger, stress; whatever. Those people have a hard time getting into action.

But in the other category are the people who are way more experienced. And they are actually producing results. These people are doing what they have learned and they’re taking action, working consistently.

I notice they’re operating at 7000 RPM but they’re still only moving about 35, 40 miles per hour. These people, I notice, are actually irritated, feeling disappointed, because they’re putting so much out, but for some reason their vehicle isn’t moving at the maximum or most efficient compared to what they’re putting out.

So what I realized, after so many different coaches, it’s not what you do that really helps you produce results. Now, you have to do a lot of work. I work 8 hours a day every single day. But how many people who work have noticed that there are people working the same number of hours but are getting 20 times the result?

I noticed that doing only produces about 20% of the results. It’s your mindset, or another way to say it is your “being” produces 80% of the results.

This is why I endorse Deborah’s course, BLUEPRINT FOR YOUR SUCCESS;

What I realized, after so many different coaches, it’s not what you do that really helps you produce results. Now, you have to do a lot of work. I work 8 hours a day every single day. But how many people who work have noticed that there are people working the same number of hours but are getting 20 times the result?

I noticed that doing only produces about 20% of the results. It’s your mindset, or another way to say it is your “being” produces 80% of the results.

As Deborah started working with me and this BLUEPRINT process, I realized, I need an understanding of “who am I being”? And then “who do I need to BE to produce the results I say I want?”

As I began to learn this, one of the things I realized is i never knew I had a process or a strategy on what I say or what I think or what I listen to or what I feel to get me in this place I call good, certain; in the zone.

I didn’t know how I did it in the past. I only knew I worked myself a certain process. got myself in a place of inspiration, got fired up and then when I got there I took a lot of action, got busy. And when I’m in action my efficiency went up.

In this course you’re going to know “what do you want”? What makes your heart sing.

Two, the next important thing is “why do you say you want what you want”? Most people will never take the time to figure out why they want what they want because they’re so busy doing, doing, doing.

Once you figure that out, the third thing Deborah is going to teach you, is all your winning formula, your winning strategy, your winning process, all your little ideas and thoughts you always had in yourself but no one helped you bring it the surface so you could recognize it.

And in the course she’s going to help you discover your own winning formula and help you put it on your own blueprint. So you have a full list of your winning strategy so overtime you feel uncertain, all you have to do it look at your Blueprint, and just like hitting a light switch, and bam! You go from Uncertain to Certain, again.

And when you’re in Certain, you’re inspired to take action, you want to take action, but more importantly when you’re in action you’re so efficient and everything seems so effortless. It seems like you’re producing results that are 10, 20 times more than before.

You’re going to have your own BLUEPRINT and then by choice, every time you want to manifest something you look at your BLUEPRINT, you walk yourself through the process, you take the action, and you’re going to manifest very rapidly.”

Thach Nguyen, Seattle Investor and Developer
The BLUEPRINT Class has completed, but if you want to know more about the process as a 1-on-1, check out my VIP programs. Please contact me here with questions.

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