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What To Do When You Feel Like You’re A Fraud

Have you ever felt like you really didn’t know what you were doing, like other people had it “together” and knew what to do? Or that if someone found out what’s really going on inside of you, they wouldn’t hire you, wouldn’t buy from you, wouldn’t pay you to do what you’re advertising as your service?

7 Reasons You Aren't Listening

Listening, It Don’t Come Easy… It’s harder and harder to listen these days. There’s more competing for our attention and this can cause a number of symptoms to engage, in an attempt to hold off the onslaught from those loud, bright, busy factions. And listening, true listening, contrary to popular notion, is work. Active listening …

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How To Achieve Momentum

Arie came to me because he had fallen far behind his production goals for the year and couldn’t get any enthusiasm going to pick up the phone and try to get busy changing that state of affairs. He said, “part of me knows what I should do, even wants to do it, but then another …

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