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Changing To Believe You Can Make Money And Still Be A Good Person

“Hi Deborah, I need your help. Actually I want to talk to you about my money blocks. There are lots of blocks, but my biggest block is wanting to think that I shouldn’t need money, or spiritual people don’t need any money.

I understand of course that spiritual people, too, need money and they have money. But money still doesn’t come to me anyway. I’m really upset about this and decided write to you.”

This is a message I got in my FB inbox from someone who knows I speak about BEING shifts and changes.

I was so happy to get this letter because I think that this is a sentiment many of us have, struggle with ,and want to grow beyond.

So I’m sharing my answer to this person below:

I understand what you’re going through. I’ve gone through something similar and still have times when I need to revisit my beliefs around money.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have to revisit their beliefs around money and change them every time they try to reach outside their current money comfort zone, or when they are healing and clearing issues that a messy financial situation may help illuminate.

I’ve worked for years with a financial broker who makes more money by making more money for his clients. Every time he set a goal to reach a new financial level, he had to go through the process of changing his comfort level and beliefs around money, his “abundance ceiling” (how much or how easy he would allow himself to have more).

What you’re talking about, in what you wrote to me, is struggling with the beliefs that you have around money. It’s the beliefs you have locked in, that lead to creating or manifesting the reality that you see in front of you in the outer world.

It’s Not a Block, It’s a Belief

When people say they have a block, that is what they’re really talking about. It’s what you’re talking about; a belief, that seems locked in place, that influences or affects the reality that you experience. Until you change the belief, which is part of who you are, and who you’re being, (only because you currently think so, by the way…you can change your mind at any time), it will be almost impossible to change the results on the outside. Those results on the outside are triggered, and influenced by the belief from the inside.

So at first what looks like your question, “Can you help me change this money block”, is actually “How do I change my belief and then take action on the new belief”?

Right there is the answer to your question about the money block. First one must change the belief, and then one must act from the new belief.

Well that sounds really simple doesn’t it? Just change your mind, change your belief. But as you and I well know, what is simple is not always easy.

I often tell others, it’s that part of the change process in the middle, where Resistance hits hard and everything looks like it’s not working, that can drive people back to where they started, and failure to their attempts to achieve the changes they want for something new and different.

The Formula

The formula to overcome your block is change your mind and get a new belief that will govern new actions to lead to new results.

But there’s still somewhere we may need to visit before we get to changing your beliefs.

Most people find it very hard to change their beliefs without first exploring what their beliefs actually are. And that’s where a good coach or guide can really help you if you’re not skilled in doing that yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, you do already have the answers inside you, you have access to your own guidance. But skill in accessing and using that guidance is something no one ever taught us, because no one ever knew. And an expert in the change process can really help ease and speed the process.

Getting To Where It All Started

Even though I gave you this super easy formula it’s not really addressing where the beliefs originated from. We may need to go back to the beginning; before the belief was “installed”.

Think for a moment of yourself as a brand-new innocent child, a clean slate.

Did you have any beliefs about money as a child? Did you even know what money was?

No, of course not. Money had no more new meaning to you then picking up a leaf or a rock.

So where did you learn about money? Who did you learn from?

Whoever taught you about money also gave you their idea about the meaning of money, and probably their meaning about work, deserving, and receiving as well.

Right now, in this moment, you have the opportunity to have a big, broad insight about your own beliefs about money.
Where did your beliefs come from? Were these beliefs ever yours to begin with?

Of course not!

Let’s not focus on who those beliefs came from, as much as what the messages, ideas, or beliefs are that were given to you about work and money; again by people outside yourself.

Where We Get Our Beliefs

These messages come from our tribe; parents, teachers, they can even come from the state or the country in which we are raised.

Here are some common beliefs about money (see if you recognize any of them):

  • You have to work hard to get ahead or you have to work hard for your money.
  • It takes money to make money, in other words you have to be born into money to have money.
  • People who have a lot of money must have gotten it through criminal activities.

Here are some beliefs about spiritual people and money (you’ll probably recognize these too):

  • It is better to give than receive.
  • It is harder for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to get into heaven (implying that it’s near impossible for someone with money to get to heaven).
  • The meek will inherit the earth.

The funny thing is, is that often our spiritual messages are directly opposed to one another. Take “it’s better to give than receive”; how can that possibly be. If it were true, then no one would receive and those of us who wanted to give could never complete our giving!

I don’t know what your spirit your personal spiritual beliefs are, but many spiritual groups say on the one hand that God wants the best for us and for us to live abundant lives and on the other that we should be in poverty and humble and need of assistance, powerless.

Can you see how this would be confusing for all of this to live at odds with itself in your brain? No wonder we get stuck.
One instruction says live and abundant life. And one instruction says you have to be poor to be righteous.

Be Curious

When it comes to your spiritual beliefs, I would never tell you what is right or wrong for you. This is an area for you to explore. However, I would recommend that you do explore and even challenge any beliefs that are presented from a source outside yourself. Truth will always stand up to scrutiny.

Question your beliefs. They may not even be your own. They probably aren’t yours. They may not even be in harmony, or integrity with who you want to be or what you want to believe.

The good news; you can change your mind. At any time you can change what you believe about your spiritual life and your financial life.

Rather than “right” or “wrong”, I’ve found it valuable to look at whether a belief is “helpful” or “unhelpful”.
Which belief would be helpful; personally and spiritually?

  • A good and spiritual person lives in poverty and lack, suffering is the road to reward.


  • It feels good to allow and appreciate the energy of abundance in all things; nature, love, connection, money, peace, joy. When I do, I feel my own spirit expand.

Tips to Make the Changes

Here I’ve outlined:

  1. the way many teach as a “how to change your mind”
  2. the easiest way, I’ve found, to change your beliefs
  3. some further guidance to help you change your beliefs yourself

1. The most common way taught to change your beliefs.

Identify the old belief. Identify the belief that you want to have. Live from the belief you want.
Write affirmations. Speak your affirmation out loud. Think the thoughts that support that belief.

While there is merit in this technique that focuses mostly on changing the mental component of a belief, it’s also a lot harder than it sounds, and often slower because it’s treating the belief at one level only, the mental level.

2. The fastest way to change your beliefs.

What makes beliefs so powerful, is that they really run through your entire body; mind, emotions and body. That’s why their influence affects all systems; what we think, how we feel and the actions we take (so ultimately, the results).

I’ve learned, the fastest way to change a belief is to change our body. The field of accelerated learning shows us how we can speed up our new learning and install our new beliefs by moving in certain ways with our body, especially those movements that cross the midline from right to left.

Here’s an example. Say you want to change a belief that “you have to work hard to make money” to “I make money doing things I love”. Better yet “I do things I love and allow money to flow to me”. Even better than that; “I allow the love that I am, to flow through all I do, even loving myself enough to allow money to flow to me”.

You could write this as an affirmation for pages and pages and pages (the slow way), or you could go get a ball and bounce it back and forth from your right to left hand while saying, thinking, or singing this affirmation.

It gets “into your body” faster than writing, which, although involving your body, involves mostly just one side of your brain.
Taking deliberate action, allowing the new belief to guide you insures new results in alignment with the “helpful” belief.

3. Personalize Your Changes

The third way is a little bit more subtle approach, and really works the best overall, because it’s based on who you already are and who you want to become.

Take a moment to look back and see where you have changed. What helped you change? Was it the support you got? Was it being deeply inspired? Was it doing it for someone else or for a higher purpose? Motivation to change takes different forms for different people at different times in their life. Also, the deeper the change you want to make, or said another way, the more resistant the belief the more hardwired the belief is in your life, the more determined you may need to be.

Start with what you know already works. And how could you apply what already works for you to this particular stubborn belief you want to shift or change?

Now apply some of what I talked about in the first two steps. Get clear about the unhelpful belief that lived within you. Determine the helpful belief you now want to install. Use the technique that you’ve determined works best for you (or a new one that appeals the most to you).

Maybe it’s music or stories to inspire? Maybe it’s just simple activity; walking dancing swinging, skipping, or bouncing a ball. Maybe it’s something visual; building a vision board. Maybe it’s something verbal; sharing your new belief with a friend.

Making the Changes Stick

Here’s the most important part of the whole process. You have to keep practicing the new belief. And you must recognize the change in some way, give yourself credit for the change.

A weight lifter doesn’t set a goal, train, reach the goal and never work out again, thinking he’ll keep his progress.
Same is true of changing beliefs. Set your helpful belief. Use what works to anchor the new belief, ultimately changing your actions and thus your results. Then keep acting from that new belief. Keep practicing. Keep noticing your progress.

Need help? Reach out to me and schedule a “Get To Know You” at the bottom of the page.

Would love to hear your experiences of how you changed your mind and began living from a new belief below.

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