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Robin Root James

What The Top 1% Producing Agents Know

Thank you for joining me, I have a very special treat for you; an interview with Top 1% Producing Agent, two years running, Robin Root James, a John L Scott real estate agent in Bellevue, WA.

I had the unique opportunity to be part of Robin’s Success Team during the time she lifted herself into the top 1% and stayed there.

Listen to this series of short interviews, where Robin Root James shares her exact formula for excellence in the field of real estate, 2 years in a row!

These are short little bites of inspiration blended with exact information. So grab your favorite beverage and listen as if you had been able to join us personally. Might I suggest listening to take away at least one nugget that you can apply to your business tomorrow morning?

You’ll find Robin warm, encouraging and happy to support others in the field of real estate. If you listen to the end she’ll share an extra special tip to getting the very most out of your coaching and learning (that I didn’t even know about!).

Enjoy this 5 part series
What the Top 1% Producing Agents Know

Part 1

I ask Robin, what is the difference between the 1% and the other agents? Robin gave me more than I asked for, sharing several of her personal and practical techniques to aid her production.

In this excerpt, I ask Robin whether a client ever taught her a lesson that taught her an important lesson in her personal and/or business life?

Part 3

Here I ask Robin to get practical and share with us the systems and processes she’s put in place that are responsible for her success.

Part 4

Part 5

I ended the series with a fun (but profound question); “What would you say to yourself if you could go back into the past and give advice to your younger agent self?

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