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Is The Fear Of Disappointment Preventing You From Investing In Your Future?

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” is a trite slogan with little power to elicit effective action and change when it comes to the emotional monsters that keep us cowering in the corners. It’s not that the saying doesn’t have value. It’s not that it doesn’t seem to work… for some. I just don’t see that it really works for most of us human beings with emotions and a nervous system.

Are You Experiencing The Discomfort Before An Awakening?

If you’re suffering from some miscellaneous discomfort and you can’t really put a finger on it, you may be experiencing an awareness of a coming change.

This can be confusing; feelings you don’t like, not quite syncing up with other people, things not going as planned. What’s going on here?

This is normal. Part of the change process is the falling apart before the rearranging and renewal.

Don’t Let Regret Poison Your Present

What’s Your Biggest Regret?

Strayer University hung a blackboard in New York City with the phrase “Write Your Biggest Regret ” at the top.

Would it surprise you to know that virtually every answer to that question included the same word? Can you guess the three letter word?

3 Most Important Lessons Learned This Year

I think we give the idea of “support” a lot of “lip service”. And I think I did too. But I want to put you on notice that I’m changing my tune.

Support isn’t hard to find. Good support, a bit more rare. And excellent support, very rare indeed!

The Power Of The Attitude Of Gratitude

What do you find is the hardest part of manifesting?
Getting Clarity?
Getting into Action?
Keeping what you manifest?

If any of these areas prove a problem, one of the best and easiest cures is simply this; connect in to what you are grateful for, what you like, what is working, what you appreciate.

What To Do When You Feel Like You’re A Fraud

Have you ever felt like you really didn’t know what you were doing, like other people had it “together” and knew what to do? Or that if someone found out what’s really going on inside of you, they wouldn’t hire you, wouldn’t buy from you, wouldn’t pay you to do what you’re advertising as your service?

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